Wiki Installation Documentation

Nico de Poel

Table of Contents




  1. Go to the directory where the wiki should be placed.

  2. Copy the DocBook DokuWiki tarball (dbdokuwiki_[version].tar.bz2) to the current directory.

    (File can be downloaded from SourceForge)

  3. Extract the DocBook DokuWiki tarball:

    sudo tar xvjf dbdokuwiki_[version].tar.bz2

  4. By default, the user who extracted the source is the owner of the new files and directories. Set the ownership back to root first:

    sudo chown -R root.root dokuwiki/

  5. Go into the DocBook DokuWiki directory:

    cd dokuwiki/

  6. Create the data directories:

    sudo mkdir data data/attic data/cache data/locks data/media data/meta data/pages data/temp


  1. Ensure you're located in the DocBook DokuWiki directory (dokuwiki/)

  2. Create the access control list file:

    sudo cp conf/acl.auth.php.dist conf/acl.auth.php

  3. Set ownership of files and directories to Apache:

    sudo chown -R apache.apache *


The following steps are all optional, but can be applied to increase the system's security. For more information on DokuWiki security, see

  1. Remove all rights from all users other than Apache:

    sudo chmod -R go-rwx *

  2. As root, edit the local configuration file (conf/local.php). Add or change the following settings:

    1. Disable debug information

      $conf['allowdebug'] = 0;

    2. Disable caching of external sources

      $conf['fetchsize'] = 0;

    3. Set file and directory permissions as restrictive as possible

      $conf['fmode'] = 600;

      $conf['dmode'] = 700;

  3. As root, edit the access control list file (conf/acl.auth.php).

    Deny all rights to visitors by changing the last line from:

    * @ALL 8


    * @ALL 0

    Other ACL settings can be configured later through ‘Access Control List Management’ (in the ‘admin’ menu).

  4. Remove the bin/ directory:

    sudo rm -rf bin/